Women in STEM

Women in Science Technology Engineering and Technology is a hot topic at the moment – even being covered in Animal Conservation and many blog posts. I just came across this graphic from engineeringdegree.net explaining attrition in the sciences – why women drop out of the science ladder as they progress. It would be great to … More Women in STEM

Science Uncovered

On Friday the 27th of September, the Natural History Museum London is holding a free evening where the public gets to mingle with scientists, and participate in debates and activities. I am running a debate on “Are all species equal?”, so feel free to pop in – the event runs from 16.00 pm to midnight. … More Science Uncovered

End of summer & The Nature Conservancy article

The summer has been extremely busy: coming back from Australia, attending the BES Macroecology Symposium, the International Congress for Conservation Biology and INTECOL, where you might have caught one of my talks. The only thing to show for it is this blurb on the Brisbane Student Conference, published at the Nature Conservancy. Read Eddie Game’s … More End of summer & The Nature Conservancy article