Eureka Prize

A quick heads up that the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems team won the Eureka Awards for Environmental Research!! The Eureka Awards of the Australian Museum are considered the “Oscars” of Australian science, so I can’t get any better than that! Thanks to all the team for their hard work over many years, and to … More Eureka Prize

New publication in Journal of Applied Ecology

A week after it’s initial publication, I am finally getting round to posting a link to my new article on the cost-effective assessment of extinction risk with limited information. I wrote this paper during my first visit to CEED in 2013, working with Emily Nicholson and Michael McCarthy. The setting: one in six species on the … More New publication in Journal of Applied Ecology

European travels

I recently embarked on a four week-long tour of six European countries, full of workshops, talks and collaborations. The trip started with a Red List of Ecosystems (RLE) Committee for Scientific Standards meeting, where 25 experts on ecosystems, risk assessment and remote sensing discussed the challenges and solutions for the application of the RLE criteria. … More European travels


Böhm, M., Williams, R., Bramhall, H., McMillan, K., Davidson, A., Garcia, A, Bland, L. M., Bielby, J., Purvis, A. and Collen. B. The correlates of extinction risk in reptiles: the relative importance of biology, geography and threat (submitted). Bland, L. M., Collen, B., Orme, C. D. L. and Bielby, J. Known unknowns: global patterns of … More Publications