New issue of Phil Trans

This monday a new issue of Phil Trans was published, which might mean my favourite papers of the year by my favourite people have already been published (and it’s only the 5th of January!).

First of all, A practical guide to the application of the Red List of Ecosystems criteria is a paper from the RLE team (incl. myself) expanding on the PLoS paper describing the RLE criteria. So, what’s new? The paper reviews the intended application of the RLE assessment process, summarize ‘best-practice’ methods for ecosystem assessments and outline approaches to ensure operational rigour.

I enjoyed reading Richman et al.’s paper on the global conservation status of crayfish. They found 32% of crayfish to be at risk of extinction, with large geographical variation in threat drivers. The majority of threatened US and Mexican species face threats associated with urban development, pollution, and water management. On the other hand, the majority of Australian threatened species are affected by climate change, harvesting, agriculture and invasive species. Congratulations to Nadia for seeing this project through!!

Distribution of: (a) all crayfish species; (b) (c) threatened species; (d) (e) data-deficient species. Linked from Royal Society Publishing.

I also enjoyed Owen et al.’s paper on the global phylogeny of crayfish. They created both a synthetic tree and a maximum likelihood dated phylogeny (with fewer nodes). This enabled them to created EDGE and HEDGE scores for a number of crayfish species.


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